[New possible ways in 2020] Earn money online in jio phone

Friends, as we know about many such applications nowadays, which can easily earn a lot of money through our mobiles. But many people are still today, who do not have Android phones. Who is not able to buy an Android phone. But many people purchase Jio Phone instead of an android phone. It is just like a mini android phone. So, the question is; Is there any such trick, so that even those people who do not have Android phones can make money? How to earn money online in jio phone????

Friends our answer is yes !! There are many tricks, from which we can earn money online in Jio Phone, without any Android phones. Today we are going to talk about the Jio phone’s secret features and Way to earn from it. May we really make money from this phone ???

πŸ”₯Earn money online in Jio phoneπŸ”₯

As we all know that to earn money online from the phone then we all need an earning application, but If we talk to earn money online in Jio Phone, then in this phone we can neither download the desired applications nor use it in the desired way. This phone is designed only for a limited number of tasks. Which does not work more than its limit? Then the question arises that after all how will we earn money ????

Friends, nowadays there are many such websites, on which you can earn instant money by just following some status. There are some websites which are working well in Android phones as well as Jio phones. All these websites have been designed in such a way that we can use them easily and use them. There are many such websites which we will further tell you through steps so that you can fully understand every process and use it. So, You can easily earn money online in Jio Phone.

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How to earn money online in Jio Phone(possible ways)

there are lots of possible ways to earn money online in Jio phone, we have found some website that helps to earn money in Jio phone. so if you have a Jio phone then you should try these websites to earn money online by you Jio phone


Fanmojo.in is an e-sports platform where players play skill-based games to earn money. Fanmojo offers a variety of casual games along with fantasy Cricket, Football, and Kabbadi for millions of Indian Sports fans and gamer alike. Fanmojo.in offers fun and exciting gaming experience where sports fans and casual gamers compete against each other to win REWARDS and CASH prizes the whole day and every day. It’s easy to participate, compete, and win CASH prizes. Once the winners are declared at the end of each contest or a match the players can Withdraw their winnings immediately through PAYTM.


earn money online in jio phone

β€’ You will need to visit the website link of Fanmojo
β€’ Then enter your mobile number and click on the submit button. Make sure that you enter the correct mobile number as you will not be able to change the mobile post-registration.
β€’ You will need to verify your mobile number with the one time password and move to the dashboard.
β€’ For referring it to your friends, you should click on the earn 1,00,000 coins option given on the
top of the right-hand corner.
β€’ You will now be able to share the referral link on social media and to your friends to join using the link.
β€’ You will get Rs.3 worth of Coins which means 30 Coins in your Wallet When your Friend will sign up using your referral link and verify OTP.
β€’ It is important to note that the minimum withdrawal to Paytm is 500 coins which means Rs 50 in your Paytm wallet.
β€’ You can earn a maximum of Rs 10,000 Paytm cash from one account and 20,000 playing cash

In this article, we have shared our ideas and our whole knowledge about the most asked question- “How to earn money in Jio Phone“. We have also shared the most popular website for this phone, where you can easily earn a lot. Our aim is only to. Make you aware about all the ways to earn. We hope that you’ve got it properly. We wish It’ll work for you.

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