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I don’t think I know a single person that has used technology and has never used Google. Well, now Google is actually willing to pay for the information they gather about you, using their app “Google Opinion Rewards” and that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

I’ve used Google Opinion Rewards for over a month now, so in this review, I’m gonna tell you what kind of surveys you could get, how much I learned, and in my honest opinion if this app is worth it for you. So with all that said let’s jump into the Article.


What is Google Opinion  Rewards?


google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an opinion survey app that lets you make money from Play Store credits by answering questions and providing feedback.

Then you can redeem those credits toward the purchase of apps, music, movies, and games on the Play Store. It’s all very straightforward, and it’s the best way to pick up credits on the Play Store.

Here you will know how to get more surveys and why this will be more beneficial for you.

The app itself is actually super basic you honestly don’t even have to even intentionally open the app just whenever you get a notification for a survey you can open the app this app is available in 26 different countries I’ve listed them all in the description so this is a very global app.

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What Types Of Surveys Do you Get in the Google opinion Rewards app?

So far I’ve got three types of surveys with this app. The first one is just random surveys and topics Google is interested in the second one is surveys based on your search so, for example, one time I searched the difference between a rat and a mouse and I actually got a Google survey on it but by far the most common type of survey is the location surveys.

So if you do a lot of shopping or traveling you’re gonna get a lot of location surveys and more opportunities to earn with Google Opinion Rewards.

The minimum to withdraw with this app is $2 and they actually send an automatic PayPal payment to you once you actually reach that $2 so that’s really nice of them. It took me a little less than one month to reach that $2 mark. I think you could earn 2 to 4 dollars with this app per month and it just really depends if you do a lot of shopping or traveling.

Why People Don’t Get surveys daily in Google opinion Rewards app?

Something that you should know, these surveys are very simple they’re three questions long, they’re three-part survey with multiple-choice questions and do not lie on these surveys done just rush through them that would be stupid anyways they’re really easy but if you do Google will suspend your account for a month or two and you won’t be receiving surveys from them my opinion google Opinion Rewards is a great survey app low minimum payout very easy you never have to go out of your way to actually use the app.

[100% working] Tricks to Get more Surveys in Google Opinion Rewards?

So we will be talking about Google opinion rewards like how can you get more and more surveys on how can you earn more and more from this particular application.

So the basic funder all the basic tips I’m going to be sharing you in this article so if you can see I’ve got a new survey I’ll be showing you all the things step by step like how can you get more and more survey

As you can see this is a zero balance account I have made a new account I’ll be first showing you how and what the setting you have to do like many of you guys don’t know how to set your Google opinion rewards profile which is very very important.

If you don’t set your Google opinion rewards profile properly as you can see all the settings have been made by me before as you can see the age is 18 to 24 it’s very important because 18 to 24 is a limit of the age where if people get more and more surveys.

because most of the people are from youth and be a Google just say more and more survey this age category and you can select your gender whatever you want – and the location should be right and you can just select any of the languages you want you to have to choose a location which is correct

you don’t need to scam anything or you don’t need to mislead to Google opinion rewards because if you are doing everything correctly Google will definitely give you a better survey and good survey good amount of survey with a good amount of money.

So the very first thing you have to do is you have chosen everything genuine and make sure that you are choosing your age 18 to 24 it’s very important because 18 to 24 is the age limit where people get more with the survey you have to always choose 18 to 24 it’s very important so this is the first step


So let’s talk about the second step which is very very important and that is turning on your location so if you’re not using this mode it’s very important because Google itself says when you start the application itself Google says that

you have to turn on your location on high accuracy make sure your location is done on high accuracy because very very important if you are not revealing your location to Google it might be not that easy for Google to show you some basic normal service like which is your favorite brand and whatever it’s very very important that you share your location on high accuracy so it’s very important

Third step the most important tip I will be giving you guys never does this as you can see you will simply want to app information and clear data the application every data so it’s not right because a few clear data applications a storage Google will not able to recognize anything and it’s very difficult for it

so you don’t have to touch the settings of the application you need to allow all the permissions and it’s very important  you need to just allow all the permissions it’s very important so if you turn on all the permission and  you should never do this as you will never clear data this application is very very important if you do so you will not get any sort of serving and the second most important thing people do is they uninstall this application it’s also very very nonsense thing if you uninstall this application nobody is going to give you the survey and when you reinstall the application Google will definitely not give you the survey as you were getting before

so you should never uninstall the application you should never touch the app permissions you should never clear that of this application you should always turn on the location on high accuracy and as I said you the age which you are choosing should be 18 to 24 this is a very ideal age which receives more and more survey so this where all the tips I give you all the tips and tricks.

7 Quick tips to make more money with Google Opinion rewards?

  • Open the app every single day. …
  • Keep your GPS on while visiting any place. …
  • Share Location History. …
  • Travel a lot. …
  • Be honest. …
  • Pay attention while taking the survey. …
  • Female respondents receive more surveys.

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