HELLO, FRIENDS  I’M ABHISHEK SHROFF From Team  EARN2YOU.COM. Today I have come with a  new   Earning  APP  called  JIO POS LITE. This is a well-trusted company that everyone knows about which is known as (JIO DIGITAL INDIA). A big  King in the Telecom companies market. In This Article, we let us know you about every single and detailed information about Jio pos lite. so, Before Wasting Your Time let know about What is Jio Pos Lite?  Let’s get started


Friends, being a Jio Associate, you can now do all Jio SIM Activation by becoming an activation partner and at the same time, you will also get more amount than before,  This application is more beneficial for those who recharge  Mobile Sim of Different companies on a daily basis or if you have your own recharge shop, here you can earn 4% profit of the amount sent on every recharge of the mobile.

But if you are a student and if you have a big friend circle, then you can earn money by getting your friends recharged. If you are a student, then it can become an online small income tool for you.

we will tell you how we can become an activation partner using the Jio Pose Lite app. First of all, you will need these documents for the registration process which is Asked by the JIO POS LITE, which we have explained below.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan card
  • Local Address certificate
  • GST Certificate

If you have the above document, then you can enter the next step. In the next step, we have told how to register in Jio Pose Lite. We have told the complete registration process in a few steps which are given below.

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First of all, you have to download the jio pos lite app by clicking on click here button. This Button Redirect you to google play store and from there you can download the page.

Click here


Enter your live mobile number there And click on generated OTP, you will get an OTP immediately. Then Enter that received OTP and tap on Validate OTP and verify.


After successful validation, tap on the menu icon on the left side. Now click on upgrade and earn mode. Here you will see the benefits you get when you become an activation partner, then click on Proceed.


By the way, by now you must have loaded your wallet with the amount of thousand rupees or more, but if you have not, then you will see the information of loading the minimum amount, so in order to load the minimum amount, tap on the procedure.


You select the appropriate payment option, after the successful loading of money, a confirmation message will appear on the screen, then click on done.
Then click on the button to proceed.


Now you will see the signup screen, here you enter the mandatory information like salutation type, first name, and last name.
After this enter the number of the Aadhaar card and click on the upload icon to upload the photo of the Aadhaar card together

NOTE:- Here you have to upload the photo of your Aadhaar card front and backside, make sure that the photo should be clearly visible.


Now when you type on upload front side, then when your mobile phone will start a camera, after that click on the photo of the front side of the Aadhaar card, after this, you also click the photo of the backside of the Aadhaar card. Then Click On Verify Adhar.


Similarly, enter the PAN card number and click upload, To upload the photo of the PAN card, here only you have to click the photo in front of the PAN card, after uploading the photo, click on the Continue


If your local address and Aadhaar address are the same, then click on POA the same as Aadhar card.


If the local address is different then uncheck the checkbox and upload the card proof of the local address. To do this, first, click on the POA dropdown and choose the POA type from the list.


Now enter the POA number and click on the upload icon to upload a POA photo, upload the front and back photos of the document and click on Continue BUTTON


After this, if you have registered GST, then click on the checkbox of GST register Aand enter your GST number and finally click on upload and upload the photo of the GST certificate.

As soon as the photo of the certificate is uploaded, a message will be displayed for the image to be uploaded successfully. Now click on Continue


on the screen, you will see the information about your current location marked by a symbol. Note here that during this process, your phone’s location setting is on. Now to enter the correct information of your current location here, you can adjust the PIN using the arrow icon.

After that click on the checkbox and click on  Allow. TO ACCESS YOUR LOCATION by RJIO, and click on Done, after which you will have to enter your location information


First, enter your house flat building apartment or colony number, after that, you enter the street address road name or ward number as well as the landmark


After entering all the information, click on the continue, now you are on the document screen, tap on the term and condition here and read the condition carefully and scroll down to read the rest of the information.


Click on POS INFORMATION FORM, all the information entered here will be visible, ensure the given information, after ensuring all the information, click on the generated OTP.


Then an OTP will be received on your registered mobile number, enter it here and click on validity. On successful signup, you will see a confirmation message, click on done to complete this process, as well as registration on your registered mobile number Will get a start message


On completion of the verification process, you will be informed by SMS your user ID and your default password. For safety reasons s.m.s. Change your password by going to the link given in the end, you will be given another message in which a link to download the Jio POS lite application will be given.


By clicking on this link, you can download this application and start the process of Jio SIM activation.


If you are a local shopkeeper and if you do not make much profit by recharging, then you can increase your profits to a great extent by using the Jio Pose Lite application.

In simple language, whatever amount you add to your Jio Pose application to recharge others, you will get four percent profit of that amount. Like if you add thousand rupees, you will get a profit of ₹ 40 and if you add 10000 rupees then you will get a profit of 400. If seen, this application can also prove to be very beneficial for students.

As we all know, in student life, students need a lot of money, so that they can meet their educational needs. With this application, students can save some money by recharging the phone of others, which can be quite useful for them.

In this app, you can also earn money on Friends, if you have a lot of friends or you have a recharge shop, then you can make money by referring someone else, then you have recently added this feature yourself.

If a lot of people do not know about a feature, but we have reviewed the most updated version, then if you want to earn money by referring to the net then this app will be very good for you. If seen then you can also use this app as a referrer and an ear app.

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In this article, we have given you complete information about the Jio POS Lite application, what is the Jio Post Light application ?, how can you register in it?, How can you activate the SIM ?, or how you can recharge others Can make money by doing.

We hope that the information given by you will be understood in its entirety or we also hope that the information given by us will work for you. It was our duty to share with you all the information that could be useful to you and from which you can earn some daily money

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