[Special Tips]How To Earn Money From Vestige|Updated Plan 2020

In this article, we have given 7 best tips and tricks to grow vestige business. What is Vestige business? How to Make Money Online Through Vestige.

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I am Abhishek Shroff From Team Earn2you.com.Today will be sharing a Business opportunity that can change your life business with the help of which you can earn a great income business with the help of which all your dreams will come to a business that anybody can do be it student be it a housewife or be it an employee anybody can do.

 The kind of business that you can do part-time as well and by spending only 2-3 hours per day you can earn a very good income.

friends this business has changed people's lives in the next ten minutes I will be explaining to you what does the business actually is this 10 minutes can change your life so I have only one request for you guys please Read this Article till the end.

This business is not only happening in India but all across the world it's not a new business this business has been running successfully for the past 100 years this business is a part of an industry which is a billion-dollar industry and its industry which produces millionaires every year

 The Photograph is shown on your above screen he is Mr. Robert Kiyosaki he is also known as the financial Guru. he was born in a poor family but today is a multi-millionaire he has written a very famous book which is known as Rich Dad Poor Dad, over 40 million copies of this book have already been sold all over the world.

In this book he has explained the most efficient way of earning money according to him, there are four ways to produce income the first way is being an employee and employer would mean that you have a 9 to 5 job for your working for some company so in that case, you will be an employee.

The second category is being self-employed would mean that you are not working for anyone else you are working for yourself like a doctor or a lawyer or a chartered accountant.

 the third category is being a business owner. Being a business owner would mean that you have your own system and you have people working under you. some examples of business owners are Tata Birla Ambani

And for the fourth category is being an investor investors are the people who don't have their own business but they invest in other companies.

 so the basic difference between ES quadrant and b I quadrant is that if we compare population-wise than 95% of the population belongs to ES quadrant and only 5% of the population belongs to be I quadrant but the most surprising fact is that 95% of the money belongs to b I quadrant and only 5% of the money belongs to ES quadrant and to earn their share in this 5% of money employees and self-employed people have to put in a lot of efforts

and still they get the unlimited income and their income is considered to be active income the meaning of active income is that if a person actively works only then he or she will earn the income the day people stop working they will stop earning income.

imagine you are a school teacher and you do not go to school for one month will the school pay you any salary for that one month no right imagine you have a small shop if for any reason you do not open the shop for a week will you any money for that one week no right but this is not the case with b I quadrant.

the people who belong to this quadrant they earn passive income the meaning of passive income is that even if the people do not work for any number of days they will still on their income even if they stop working.  still there income will never stop now why does this happen this happens because the people of this quadrant are not working alone they are working as a team.

there is a network of people that works for them and because of this the people in b I quadrant have unlimited income


 So Friends,  now I will tell you about this company about this business module with the help of which you can earn a very good income with no investment. The name of the company is Vestige.

vestige is an Indian company that started on 2nd June 2004 in New Delhi the company started with two products to officers and only 6 distributors but today the company has over 250 products 45 branch offices and over 5,000 pickup centers there are over 13000000 distributors that have already joined Vestige the first-year turnover of the company was five crores and the last year turnover was eleven hundred crores.

The Vestige company has offices in India UAE Nepal and Bahrain and this year's target is that Vestige will start in Saudi Arabia Oman Bangladesh Philippines the target of 2020 in 20 countries with five thousand crores of turnover the highest income in vestige is over 60 to 70 lakhs monthly because of the brilliant plan by vestige.

 There are over 5,000 distributors who have achieved their cars and over 140 distributors have achieved their luxury cars. Vestige has organized over 24 foreign trips for distributors.

 talking about the Vestige management the Managing Director of  Vestige is Mr. Gautam wali and the directors are Mr. Deepak Sood and Mr. Kanwar Bir Singh


In today's time, everyone wants to earn money and fulfill their dreams. But everyone is in need of money to do and get something in life.

Many people keep searching on google via internet That how to earn money sitting online or how to earn money online from mobile, while searching, there are many ways on the Internet through which you can earn millions by working hard.

Similarly, by joining Vestige company, you can add people to your downline by your distributor number and buy Vestige products from them,

you get Point Value (PV), the higher the point value, the more income. If you work hard If you stay, your level will also increase and your income will also increase.

You can also read Network Marketing Books to understand network marketing well, this will help you to be successful in direct selling



I would like to share a small concept with you let's understand with an example of a pen so what happens when you buy a 10 rupees worth pen what do you know the manufacturing cost of that pen guys that 10 rupees pen was manufactured in just two of 3 Rupees. then why are we paying  10 rupees for a pen that should cost two rupees?

this happens because there are many people that come between manufacturing and consumer and these people take the commission's that is why whenever we purchase any product in the market we actually paying 70 to 80% extra money and this 80% extra money is distributed among distributors wholesalers retailers and ad agencies and these people on and relax and get richer and richer and we the consumer of the products we do not own any income instead we pay them the money.

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so, that they can earn more in this sales floor not just happens with that 10 rupees pen but it happens to all the products that we buy from the market after watching ads on TV newspaper internet exacta so what is it is doing so differently than the consumer is buying products and earning money as well Vestige manufactures all the products on its own indirectly sells it to the


Friends, today I am going to share with you the new marketing plan of vestige. Which is called self-reliance success plan.
This update plan is valid from June 2020 to December 2020.

As you all know, it started on 2 June 2004 and the company has completed 16 years on 2 June 2020. The upcoming celebrations were Digitally,

 where the company's Managing Director Gautam Bali Sir gave information about the company's updated marketing plan. 

Earlier in the Vestige company there are 7 types of income  but now according to the new updated marketing plan of the company, now these are 9 Types of income plan.

lets know one by one in detailed information about the Vestige Atmanirbhar sucess plan 2020. 

1.Retail Profits - 10% To 20%

As like befor you will get 10% to 20%  discount on eaver product of vestige retail profit on MRP.  

2. Performance Bonus - 05% To 11%

Now the performancy bonus is 5 percent to 11 percent. this amazing update from the Vistige 

3. Bronze Director Bonus - 04%

New Vestige Business Plan will get Bronze Director Bonus - 04% from the company's turnover
What used to happen earlier is that the profit of the Bronze director was above all that of the Silver director. 

by making a slight change in it so that the Bronze director has been declared a 4% only bonus to earn more profit.

4. Business Building Bonus - 14%

Business Building Bonus to get 14% in new Vestige Business Plan

Silver Director & Above is going to get a lot of benefit from this, their point values are going to increase a lot and you know that if the point increases, then LOB will also benefit.

5. Leadership Overriding Bonus - 16%

Leadership Overriding Bonus 16 PERCENT will be available in the new Vestige Business Plan, which was earlier 15 percent.

6. Travel Fund - 05%

Travel Fund - 05 percent will be available in the new Vestige Business Plan, which was earlier 03 percent.
It is going to benefit up to level 5

7. Car Fund - 05%

Car Fund - 05 percent will be available in the new Vestige Business Plan

8. House Fund - 03%

House Fund - 03 percent to be received in new Vestige Business Plan

9. Elite Club Bonus - 02%

Elite Club Bonus - DCD & DUCD to get 02 percent in new Vestige Business Plan

 25 unique Facts related to VESTIGE Company

  1. The Westies company connects 2 people every minute from all over India and does business.
  2. Vestige is one of the companies that continues to grow day by day with the sole objective of delivering good products to the people and at the same time providing an income to them.
  3. The West Indies company, established in the year 2004, currently has an annual turnover of Rs 1,600 crore and has achieved a growth of 19.64%.
  4. According to a survey by the Indian Direct Selling Association, more than 1000 MLM companies are currently operating, of which the Westies have also been included in the top 20.
  5. Best Direct Selling Company and Vestige Company in Network Marketing are also among the top 5 companies in India in the year 2019.
  6. The network marketing company survey conducted in the year 2018 ranked Westies in the top 100 in Global Revenue, with Westies ranked 91st with $ 97 million.
  7. Vestige Company Private Limited operates the entire 14 brands.
  8. Vesties works in 5 different categories such as Health Care, Personal Care, Oral Care, Health Food, Agri Products production and its benefits in all states of the country.
  9. Revenue differentials stood at $ 75 million in 2015 and $ 194 million in 2018, including 53 percent growth.
  10. More than 500 employees work permanently in the Vesties Company.
  11. As a brand ambassador 16 people are supporting the Vesties company in leading.
  12. By the year 2019, more than 70 individuals have achieved the luxury car.
  13. 2382 people have so far achieved the level of Diamond Director in the Westies Company.
  14. More than 700 people have achieved their dream car through the Vesties.
  15. The Westies have a total of 41 branches across India and cover all states and union territories.
  16. There are more than 360 district level contact points that help all those associated with the Westies.
  17. The number of Mini DLCPs is around 1828 across India providing its services to people related to the Westies.
  18. More than 180 distributor consulting centers have been started across India.
    So far, more than 35 people have reached the category of millionaires through the Westies.
  19. The Best Healthcare Leadership Award to the Westies Company was conferred by ABP News in the year 2018.
  20. There are about 50000 hits a day on the official website of the Vesties Company.
  21. According to the People's Survey, 8 out of 10 people have described the product of Vestige Company as good and beneficial.
  22. So far, more than 200 people have done a foreign tour through the Westies.
  23. The number of Vestige shops is much more than any other MLM company.
  24. So far, more than 1 million people have expressed their trust in the Westies and have understood the business plan.


To buy products of the Westies, you must first go to the Westies store and get the distributor form from the shopkeeper. And after filling your name and distributor ID on it, the shopkeeper will have to put a tick-mark on the products he needs.

 After which he will give you your products. Your PV and BV will be added to your account immediately after payment.

Vestige is currently the No.1 company in India with a turnover of over 1600 crores and Vestige has now started operating in India as well as abroad.

Vestige is expanding its product range every year with the help of its innovative products, Vestige's products are manufactured in certified manufacturing facilities from GMP and other organizations.

Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, which aims to provide world class products to its customers. With an aim to increase wealth, the Westies have enriched the lives of many people.

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