[₹500+]Proof In Zupee Gold| New Trick To Earn in Zupee Gold

HELLO, FRIENDS  I’M ABHISHEK SHROFF From Team  EARN2YOU.COM. Today I have come with new  Indian Earning and this is one of the Best earning apps in Inda called Zupee Gold. This Zupee Gold gives you thousand of money daily in many simple ways But the main feature of earning money is by QNA (Quiz Questions answering ). so, before we are starting alt let knows about What is Zupee Gold app?

What is Zupee gold?

Friends today we talk about Zupee gold app this app is based on the other earning applications we have already mentioned this application in our previous posts but in this article, we are going to describe briefly about this because we found it very useful in all earning applications.

so Zupee gold is an application where you can easily earn a lot by answering some questions. this application is India’s biggest QNA platform. about 500 tournaments throughout the day. you can earn up to 50 lakh rupees and you can easily transfer all your money through your Paytm account. So this application will be beneficial for you.

before you start if you want to Earn a bit of  money by using  your phone so,you have to check our article on the best earning apps  in India. click the link below.

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How To Download Zupee Gold app in simple Steps.

You can download zupee gold application by following these steps.

  • Go to Google and type zupee gold application.
  • There you can see an option by Zuppe.in
  • Click on the option then the page will be open.
  •  On that page it’ll show you an option of download.
  •  You have to click on that option then download will. be automatically start.


But if you want to download this application without following these steps so we have already given the link below.

Download now

How To Play On Zupee Gold?

If you want to play daily quiz zupee gold application. So at first, you have to pay the amount which is already asked in every tournament. Then the players will be starting, if you will give all the answers correctly then the winning amount will be a divide in all winner participants.

For example, if 100 people join one tournament then the winning amount will be divided into all of them who win this tournament.

You will find 500 tournaments daily. If you want to play all of them then you have to invest more in it so you can easily play these games.

Step To Refer and Get Paytm Cash

If you want to earn some more money through this application then there is one more option and that is referred and earn:-

At first, you are too open zupee gold application then you find a three-dotted option at the right side on the top.

You have to click on it then the profile page will be open. So you have to click on the refer and earn option. Then it will ask you for a referral code but you have to click on the share option.

You can share the link with your relatives and your friends. If if they will download this application throw your given link and if they will sign in then the referral bonus will automatically come to your zupee gold wallet.

Steps To Withdraw your Money In Paytm

Friends if you want to with you your all earnings in the Paytm account.

So at first, you have to register your Paytm number in this application. Then you have to click on the three-dotted option,

then you can see e my wallet option you have to just click on it then a page will be open. What you have to do is simply click on the withdrawal option general ask you for PayTM or bank account.

You have to click on the Paytm option, It’ll ask you for some procedures you have to complete then your earnings will be transferred into your Paytm wallet.

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