How to Make Money as a Student While studying in 2020

Friends, today we are going to talk on a topic that will prove to be a boon for many Indians. Yes, friends, we are going to talk about the students, How to Make Money as a Student while studing, what is their role in the future? what are their problems and what are the ways that they can earn some money for themselves? So, without any delay let’s start today’s topic.


Friends, many times we get to hear that the youth and students of this country are the future of this world. Why so? What is the reason behind this?

As we all know, today’s civilization is evolving day by day and only the children born in this civilization can develop this world further because, in the future, humans will not exist anymore, future The world will be quite developed and different from today’s world.

Students are a new generation for the world, who in the future will bring new technologies, discoveries in science and more.

The most important thing for this is that we should give this generation i.e. the highest education to the students, to fulfill every one of their needs so that they develop mentally and make their full contribution in the future.


Friends, as we mentioned in our above line, what is the role of students for use in the future? And we also talked about why they get everything at the best level whether it is related to education or their needs.

The most important thing in today’s world is money. Everybody needs money in the world, indirect language, everyone in the world needs money.

Money is the key to such a lock that if someone gets in touch, then he can achieve anything in the world. But when this key is not in the hands of the future of our country, then what will happen to the future of their locks? What will happen to his life? What will happen to this country?

Friends, our article today is going to be something special because we did a lot of surveys on this problem and found out some such ways, from which students will get rid of all the problems that are related to money.

we will cover the solution to this huge money problem in Two ways. first one going to be Online and second is one is offline. So let’s start with the First ways That are Online Way to earn money:-

 Online Earning Methods for Students


How to Make Money as a Student
How to Make Money as a Student

Since the Internet took its first phase in this world, there was a lot of competition in the world with the Internet.

Here it was everything, here was all the information that the general public needs. In simple language, nothing is impossible in the world of the internet and when it comes to impossible things later, then it is not wrong to say that we can make money from the internet.

Friends, blogging is one of the hundreds of ways to earn money from the internet.

Blogging is a platform where people can earn money by giving convenience through the internet to people according to their information and quality.

Even if you start blogging, in the beginning, you will get to see the profits of thousands and by moving forward it can reach the figure of thousands and millions.

So, this option is a pretty impressive way to make money online. I personly recommend you to start the blogging on small Niche.

You Tube

How to Make Money as a Student
How to Make Money as a Student

Friends, as we told you, nothing is impossible in the internet world and we have shown one of the ways through which you can earn money.

In this paragraph, we will talk about the other way of the internet, from which we can earn thousands of rupees to lakhs of rupees

“YouTube” is an online platform where you can give knowledge to people according to your information and quality through videos, teach them something new, You can start your online classes for joiner class children.

There are a lot of ideas available here and earn through Youtube.youhave to do quite Research before you start this.

You can earn more money than you need by just using the quality inside you so that you will not face any problems related to money in the future.


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How to Make Money as a Student
How to Make Money as a Student

Friends, as we told you about the two paths on which you can go to the world of the internet and can achieve a big status and create a new identity.

Now we are going to share with you the third and most popular online job which is called freelancing.

Friends freelancing is an online platform where you can do many things.

Here you will find hundreds of thousands of people who can give you around ₹ 200 to ₹ 400 for 1 hour of work.

All you have to do in this is that when you create your profile by going on this platform while creating the profile, tell your skills well so that you will get people related to it.

If you don’t know the Top 20 Best Freelancing Websites of India. You can read our Article on best Freelancing websites in India. here we Shared the Total Information About the Freelancing. I hope you will read the Article.   Click here

Freelancing websites has connected millions of people all over the world. Those who started earlier are earning lakhs of months today and for those who have just started.

It is not too late, you can also make quite well and  Can earn a good income. This is quite beneficial for those students who want to collect some money on their own merit.

Social Media Influencer

How to Make Money as a Student
How to Make Money as a Student

As you know the internet is cheap nowadays, you can get to see the internet on everyone’s phone, and when it comes to the internet, how can people get away from social media.

But the question arises whether we get only information from them or is there anything else that we can take from social media.

In this topic, we have given all the information about this, we have given all the ways, how you can earn millions of rupees by becoming a social media influencer.

Friends, we know that there are many big brands in the world who call big stars for their advertising, for which they have to pay crores of rupees.

Now brands owner ask popular people to promote their brand on all those social media in less money. these people give them a big advertisement in less money.

let’s understand by an example a famous Youtuber has 5 to 10 millions of Subscriber The Brand Owners PAys 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees to promote his brand. in this way, he Promotes his brand to 10 million in 1 lakh that is not enough for promoting a Brand. that’s how this is a good and cheap advertising platform.

The most important thing to gain a foothold in this platform is your “social media followers” as it offers to promote only those brands who have millions of followers. If you are able to increase your followers, then you can become a social media influencer and you can earn millions of rupees.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money as a Student
How to Make Money as a Student

In today’s world, many things have been discovered which are evolving day by day.

Friends, if we talk about online marketing, then there are many big companies on this platform who give people a little cheaper than the market price and deliver all the goods they need while sitting at home.

But the question arises, this is all the company, where are the goods from? Who is connected to it? And after all, how much money do those people who help those big companies in this work?

Friends, people who work to bring these products to these companies, we call them to affiliate marketers.

In this affiliate marketing earn profits from every product by promoting all those shopkeepers and factories products from online marketers.

Friends, you too can earn a lot of money through this process. As the online marketers and product providers’ trust will increase on you, in the same way, your grip in the market will get stronger and your income will also increase day by day.

friends the real and genuine ways to make money online are we thaught upon. These are the real ways, not Scam I personally believe that if someone starts He/She will definitely get success.

Now we will discuss How to Make Money as a Student Offline. so let start,

Offline Earning Methods for Students

Become a Tuition Teacher

How to Make Money as a Student
How to Make Money as a Student

If you are a good student and are very good at studies, then you can earn part-time by becoming a teacher.

nowadays, every junior class children need a tuition teacher because nowadays both the pattern of study and the syllabus is completely Changed.

These changes have made the junior class child great need of a tuition teacher.

If you are a good student and you have good knowledge of junior class then now you can earn a good side income by teaching tuition.

Sell your Previous Classes notes

If you are a student and want to earn while studying, and want a little help in studying, then you can sell your previous old books and your old important notes to your juniors

A lot of juniors spend a lot of money to buy notebooks and notes of a topper student, so while you’re studying or have a good grasp of your study, you can earn a decent income by selling your notes and your book. You can do well in your studies by using the earned money.


If you are a college student, then you can earn money by doing internships. You can also do your studies and earn money by doing internships.

You have to work just four to five hours a day. Nowadays there are many companies in the market that give internships to students You can select your internship according to your interest.

If you are a science student, then you can do internships with companies with science technology and if you are a commerce student then you can go for Business management companies and you can also go with individual CS or CA.for your internship.

You can do an internship with it in the same way. If you are an ARTS student then you can do an internship with related companies like archeology History and Science etc.

In the internship, you get around 8 to ₹ 10 thousand per month which are part-time income for a student. Is not less than

Shop Internship

There is another way to do an internship. A shop internship can also be done an internship. You have to work for 4 to 5 hours at the Honor shop,

you get paid according to the number of hours you work according to your time, then it is also a very good way to earn part-time income for a student, so you can earn a lot of money by doing a Friend Shop Internship.

About the Post

In this article, we have shared 10 different ideas for students and bachelors where they can easily earn a lot of money through the internet, by following some steps which we have already mentioned in our topic.

We will be very glad if you share your experience with this article on the comment box.

I hope you have understood the whole information given by us, & We wish that it’ll work for you.
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