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HELLO, FRIENDS  I’M ABHISHEK SHROFF From Team  EARN2YOU.COM. Today I have come with new  Indian Earning and this is one of the Best earning apps in Inda called Mall91. This mall91 app gives you thousand of money daily in different ways But the main feature of earning money is by building a team. so, before we are starting alt let knows about What is mall91 app? Mall91 Kya Hai?

What is Mall91 app ?



Friends, I would like to tell you that it must have been many years using your smartphone, but, Today you have tried many applications like Paytm, Amazon, and Flipkart. What do you get by shopping with these applications? No revenue is received nor referral is received.

If you tell someone about these apps nothing is found about it. But if you tell anyone about the Mall91 app, then refer this application to anyone, whoever got this application downloaded from their referrer code. You will keep getting income every month continuously from that person.

Friends, Do you know that Mall91 which is an application that gives you a lifetime income. Not only you referred a friend and got ₹ 5. Rather it gets your income fixed forever.

Just that user should be active as you and the even more good thing is that If he continues to work as you step by step So, the people who join with his referral will also continue to receive commission and monthly income.

In this article, I am going to share that Mall91 kya hai? I will give full details about this because I have collected all its information for 5-10 days before writing this article.

If you will have any questions in your mind then I sincerely hope that after reading this article, you will not have to ask any question to anyone because I have done a complete study about it for several days.

I will share everything about Mall91 with you in this article, after that you have to think about whether you have to work in it or not. But the purpose of writing this article of mine is that the person who has just started working in it or is thinking of working. Clear all its dots.

How to use the Mall91 app? 


I will explain to you how to use this application as soon as you download the application from my link and you have completed your mall91 Sign-up.

If you have done this then You will immediately get ₹ 3 in Wallet. After this, you will get your own Referral code to refer to. Share that referral code with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or other Social Media and Contact though, and tell them about this application. As soon as anyone joins with your Refer code you will immediately get ₹ 5. There is no limit to this to make limited Referrals.

You can add unlimited people in it, every time you will get ₹ 5 from every person, this is your first level. Now those people will work for the second level for you,

If any of your friends or any person you have joined, do any shopping with it pay any Bill payment. Then you will get his commission too.

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How to earn from Mall91?

  What is the procedure for how you can make a lifetime income 🔥🔥🔥?




Here is some Proof of the mall91 app like Shopping proof, Payout Proof, and many more…..




First of all, you have to have a computer or laptop in which you have to download and install Android emulator software named Nox, I have given the link on the download button which you will be able to download by clicking

Click here


You will need another software called IP Changer, you can download and install it, what happens to it, it can change your IP again and again, what will be its work, I will tell you in the following steps


Now you have to create some clone app of the mall91 app and you have to log in to the ID of the user who is inactive in your account. If you have 100 users inactive, then you will create 100 clones and log in their ID and Turn them into active users


Once you have logged all these inactive IDs, after that, you just have to open every single app one by one every day and remember that while opening every app, you must change your IP of your PC or Laptop.

By using this truck, you can convert these inactive users into users and earn a lot of money.

What is M- points in Mall91?

Friends many people do not know what is Mall91 me MPoints?
Today I am telling you about it in full detail. 1 Mpoint equals one rupee. Which gives us a coupon for Daily Scratch.
Scratching that gives us some amount. Sometimes we get Wallet balance and sometimes we get M point.

Below that we get an option and lottery 91, we also have to rotate it daily. Many times we get the amount in it and sometimes we get M point.

So guys, as we told you 1 Mpoint is equal to one rupee. For example, if you have earned 500 mpoints, then you have earned ₹ 500, you can use these Mpoints to shop at Mall 91, pay bills, recharge.

How to earn MPoints in Mall91?

Watching videos also gives Mpoints, playing games also gives Mpoints. Inserting a post will also give Mpoints. If we read the news while watching the video, then we are given many ways to earn m point in this app

Who is the OWNER of Mall91?mall91

Who is the CEO of Mall91? Who owns Mall91? Complete information about the owner of Mall91 Team – Now we have given you all the details about this company. Friends, the CEO of the company is Nitin Gupta when he was 20 years old when he started this company from Chapra in Bihar.



About the Post.

In this article, we have told about a very special and popular application, “Mall91”. This is an application form in which you can earn millions of rupees in months.

This application is similar to the applications used in our everyday life like -Phone pay, Paytm, Amazon.pay, etc., but it is different than we can earn money from the mall91 application.

We have given complete information about Mall91 above so that you can take full advantage of this application. We hope that the information given by us will be understood to you and we wish that it will be useful for you later.

So, I hope The Information given by us is totally satisfied with you and have solved your total quarries.

so, don’t forget to share this information that tricks to get the active users in the Mall91 app with your family and friends.

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