How To Earn 5K to 10K From SEO TOOL ADDA Affiliate Program

Is it possible to earn  money from seo tool adda website? The answer is yes! You can make money online by Group seo tool called  seo tool adda.
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I am Abhishek Shroff  From Team Today I Came with A new Earning idea to earn 5000 to 10000 per month.  so, without wasting your Time let us first know What is seo tool adda.


seo tool adda

seo tool adda

SEO TOOL ADDA is a website which provides you all branded seo tools in afordable price. If you are a blogger or a seo expert then It could be more beneficial for you . Here you can buy premium and branded seo tools in very cheap price.


When you be a part of seo tool adda affiliate program, You possibly can select the banners or textual content hyperlink advert as per your requirement and add them in your web site/weblog.

When a customer clicks on the banner/textual content hyperlink advert, it should redirect the customer to the seo tool adda firm web site, and if the customer orders our service, then the affiliate can be eligible for the fee.


seo tool adda
All you have to do is click the link below it will redirect to the website of  Then you will see the sign up button on the top right section click the button and wait for a wile.

After that a popup menu will appear to you window. There you will see a option for Signup with Google account
Click on that button It takes few time to register you account in seotooladda website. 
after confirmation of your successful account creation.Click on verify your email Account . Go to you gamil account there will you find a gmail verification email send by seotooladda click on verify email

After a redirection of links your gamil account will successfully verified.

And you will successfully registered in Seotooladda.

ONCE you register in seo tool adda website , click on Affiliate button and click on register.

After a minutes you got your Affiliate links.


  • If there are one gross sales in a month then you definately get 20% fee per sale.
  •   If there are 4 to 10 gross sales in a month then you definately get 30% fee per sale.
  • If there are greater than twenty gross sales in a month then you definately get upto 40% fee per sale.t

For an Example you sell 599 group tool  20 sell in a month you got 40% 599 which worth 240per sale amd 240x20=$4800 per moth. So, If you Have good Audience  defently you earn got amount of money.


There are lost of paument methords are given by seo tool adda website, which are given below:-

  • UPI


In this article have shared the information about How to earn money seo tool adda. how to earn 5000 to 10000 per month from seo tool adda.  so I hope you liked our information . 

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