Roposo apk Download|How to download & Earn in Roposo apk

HELLO, FRIENDS  I’M ABHISHEK SHROFF From Team  EARN2YOU.COM. Today I have come with new Earning apps but this is not an earning app This is the best Tik Tok alternative app. The apk name is  Roposo apk.  we have Show below the Roposo apk Download process and features and how you can earn by this best Tik Tok alternative app called Roposo apk.

In Recent Day The Government of India Banded the 59 Chinese apps  Which were working in India the most famous apps were TikTok, likee,  We chat, Share it, Bigo, Vigo video, etc  These apps were so popular in India.

When the Indian government banned all these Chinese apps, then Indians felt patriotic towards their country and people started to boycott Chinese apps. Then they started looking for the Indian Alternative of Chinese app in which people highly search for  the Tik Tok Indian Alternative app in which the best Tik Tok alternative was the best Roposo apk .

Roposo apk  is an Indian video-sharing social media platform, owned by Glance InMobi Pte. Ltd has its registered office at Gurugram, India The company that made Roposo apk has the same motive that India does not have to depend on the app of any other countries and their only motive is make India developed.

Now, Let’s Move to the Next Point Which I have mention below:-


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Roposo apk Download
Roposo apk Download


Roposo is an indigenous short video making app created by India. Through this, we can create a lot of short videos and improve our talent. This app is very similar to TikTok with which many people recognized the talent hidden inside them and became much more famous and many tiktokers earned millions of rupees from it.

You can earn a lot of money with the help of this complete Swadeshi application and as people adopt this application, you will become famous on the basis of your talent. Another biggest reason to use this application is that almost all the channel apps have been removed from our country, in which there are also famous applications like Tik Tok and Likee, that is why we have to adopt the full indigenous application and being a countryman As it will help the country to move forward.


As we all know, tik tok and likee which were very famous in India for making short videos. We also got to see a lot of features in them. No application of their collision was present in the whole world, but ever since these two apps were banned in India, then in search of a new short video application (which has similar features like tik tok and likee), there was a competition. happened.

In this competition, the public got an application, Roposo which has almost all the features that we used to see infamous applications like tik tok and likee.
In this application too, you will find all kinds of filters, mods, all those songs and sounds that you used to see in tik tok. It is also very easy to run this application. It is easily understood so that we can fully use its features and again we get the same experience as tik tok.

Highlighted Features

  • Make short videos
  • Gain followers and likes on your videos
  • Make Money By Building Followers
  • Make money By sponsors and Brands



First of all, you have to download  Roposo apk by clicking on click here button. This Button Redirect you to google play store and from there you can download the page.

Click here


Roposo apk Download



After downloading the application (we have already provided the link on the top): –

Open the Roposo application.

Roposo apk Download


Click on the login button, after it will show you two options on the next page; Ist-New user; IInd- already have an account. If you are a new user click on the new user option.


After this process, it will ask you for your mobile number then fill your mobile number in the box and select the send OTP option.
Then you will receive an OTP, fill that in the box and click on the done button.


On the next page It will ask you for your name and your gender, fill that information. Click on the create account button to register and experience the hold feature of it.

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When it comes to earning money from this application, we all know that ever since Tik Tok came to our country, many such hidden talent came here and achieved a great position on the strength of their skills and all Celebrities used to earn around 200000 to 300000 rupees a month through their videos.

Being famous and more followers, they were also made sponsors by many international brands, with all the younger artists taking around 6 or 7 lakh rupees from each brand. There are some essential things that we can make money from this application in the same way.

Firstly we have to make a lot of good videos according to our talent and publish them.

Second- After publishing videos, what we need is the followers because the more followers we have, the more our videos will increase in publicity so that we can earn a lot of money and meet our everyday needs very easily.

If you are able to make a lot of followers on your own skills, then you can earn 6 to 7 lakh rupees in months, which is a big amount in itself. Due to having more followers, some brands will ask you to promote them, for which they are willing to pay millions of rupees.


In this article, we have provided all possible information about the indigenous ‘Roposo (One-Shot Video Making Application)’ launched in India and we have also told how a lot of office applications from 600000 to ₹ 700000 a month Can earn up to We have explained all the procedures in this article one by one. We hope that you have clearly understood all the information given by us and will work for you.


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