Seotooladda|Provide Cheap group buy SEO tools @₹199 in 2020

If  you heard about Seotooladda then you already know that SeoToolAdda Provide Cheap group buy seo tools. this website Provide Best Group Buy Seo Tools with Better Uptime. This is the one the best website for new bloggers which provides the best seo tools in very cheap price.

Here you can also buy the the one of best SEO tools call Ahrefs at tha price of @199.
 procides a lot of SEO tools in very cheap prices like Ahrefs,Samrush,moz, grammarly,Alexa, keyword, Canva and much more. So what are you waiting for let's buy your favourite Seo tool in very cheap prices today.


What is SeoToolAdda

SEO TOOL ADDA is a website which provides you all branded seo tools in afordable price. If you are a blogger or a seo expert then It could be more beneficial for you .

Here you can buy premium and branded seo tools in very cheap price. As- If you are a blogger and if you want to buy Ahref seo tool for your work then you will get it at just rupees @199 for one month. 

The most fabulous part of this site is , you can monitor you competitors and your niche. You can also manage your spams ,It will give you a better experience than the other seo tool websites.

You will also find some more branded and most popular tools which is as equal as Ahref seo tool

How to register in SEOToolsAdda

  • All you have to do is click the link Above it will redirect to the website of 
  • Then you will see the sign up button on the top right section click the button and wait for a wile.
  • After that a popup menu will appear to you window. There you will see a option for Signup with Google account Click on that button
  • It takes few time to register you account in seotooladda website
  • after confirmation of your successful account creation 
  • Click on verify your email Account 
  • Go to you gamil account there will you find a gmail verification email send by seotooladda click on verify email
  • After a redirection of links your gamil account will successfully verified.
  • And you will successfully registered in Seotooladda.

Get the Ahrefs Tool @199      Click here

How to buy premium Seo tool in Seotooladda at cheap price

  • You can buy all your favourite primuem Tools from seotooladda by following these simple steps
  • Step1- After you will make a successful account by following our will see lots of SEO tools and buy now options below the tools are showing on you dashboard 
  • Step2- click the tool you want to buy 
  • Step3-after clicking on the tool you will be redirect to next page .
  • Step4- on the next page you'll ask for payment options.There are lots of payment methods you can select as your according
  • Step5After filling all details of payment methods you tool will buy successfully and you are allow to use that seo tool easily.

List of some Most popular tools in SeoToolAdda



  • Ahref – 299/Month (Advanced)
  • SEMrush – 249/Month (Pro)
  • SERPSTAT – 199/Month (Pro)
  • Article Forge – 199/Month (Pro)
  • WordAI – 199/Month (Pro)
  • Keyword Tool – 199/Month (Pro)
  • Buzzsumo – 60/Month (Pro)
  • Moz - 60/month (pro)
  • SpyFu - 60/month (pro)
  • Canva - 60/month (pro)
  • Grammarly - 60/month (pro)

New Trick to Buy the top seo Tool Ahrefs at the @199 


Here we have provided a new trick to buy the top seo Tool called Ahrefs at the @199 wow!
Is this possible?
Yup! this is possible you can buy the Ahrefs tool at @199 follow our steps to grt Ahrefs at this price.

First of all you have to make a seo tool adda affiliate account.
You can learn by reading our this blog  How to make Affiliate Account in SeoToolAdda

Once you make your account the you have to buy your seo tool through your affiliate link.

In seo tool adda affiliate program they give 30% on first sale. So,for an example you want to buy ahrefs seo tool then you have to pay 299 for. One month but if you buy through your affiliate link you got 299 of 30% so the commission cost will be approx 60 rupees.

So you 60 rupees will indirectly comes through you.
So the price of Ahrefs tool for you will be 299-60=230 that's it.

So, it will make you so profit for you


Get the Semrush Tool @199    Click here

Benefits of Group Buy SEO Tools-SeotoolAdda

Here are some Important Benefits of Group Buy SEO Tools.

  • Cheap Price
  • All Tools Available
  • Local Price
  • Full company Support
  • Good uptime & No error
  • Access All Seo tools At one Dashboard
  • These Group buy SEO tools have lots of benefits and advantages.
  • We can easily use them, pick our desired tools, multiple price option, and good uptime. which makes these groups buy SEO tool worthy.

Important things to Note Before using SeotoolAdda

  • It provide safe groupbuy with 95% uptime guaranteed.
  • Install two plugins SeoToolAdda & SeoToolAddaTwo in the chrome browser.
  • Their service will only work with Google Chrome browser.
  • If any one or both plugins are not enabled then its service will not work.
  • After using its service you can disable plugins.
  • SeoToolAdda not allow you to share account access with any 2nd user (no matter friend, family or office colleague).
  • "One account, one user access". If you share access then account will be automatically block by our system.

Our Exprence with SeotoolAdda

this is the one of the best website for new blooger it povided lots of premium Seo tools at very low prize.

I have been using this website for last 1 year and found no problems and errors. I thik this is the best website for Group Buy SEO Tools at this price.

About the Post

In this article we have shared about the most profitable and useful site SeotoolAdda. If you have read this article properly then we garuentee , you will be success in your sector. Because all the things which we have shared in this article are written by our own experience.

We have provided all premium seo tool lists and we also metioned there prices respectively. Our mission is to make you aware about all new information which is related with earnings. We hope that you will get it and it'll work for you.

                                         THANK YOU

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