Top 15 best PPD sites for earn money Online

Here is the list of the top 11 best PPD or pay per Download sites to make money online and boost your monthly income.

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I am Abhishek Shroff  From Team Today I Came with A new Earning Method And Tricks of best ppd sites so, without wasting your Time let us first know what is PPD sites?

What Are PPD sites?

Pay-per download, or PPD sites, is a service provided by networks offering downloads of articles, like movies and songs, and cover content providers dependent on the number of special downloads of the articles. this is one of the best money making stratige to make money online.

Best PPD Sites For Making Money Online

If you’re searching for the highest paying best PPD sites, there is no guarantee. So, rather than attempting to pick the wrong sites and wasting time, why do not look at the big picture first? Here are some guidelines for finding the top paying best PPD sites of the future.

The top-paying best  PPD sites of the future refer to the website: 10%. So, guys, these will be the top highest paying PPD websites of 2020. If you’re new to this market and looking to start making money with PPD websites today, then choose from the top 10 Pay Per Download website from the preceding list. All of the recorded PPD websites are legitimate and 100% effective. You may easily find them by looking for”PPD sites” with Google.


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List of top Best 11 PPD sites to earn money online.

Here is the list of best PPD website to make money online so, without wasting your time lets start with the number one>>>>


1. Fileice

Fileice is a PPD(Pay Per Download) Network which provides a high PPD to its customers. They Pay Approximately $1 Per Download and can Pay Up to $7 per file download. If your site is Getting Traffic From U.S.A., the U.K., Australia, etc. then you can make huge money from fileice because for the USA and the UK it Pays a PPD of $1 and For Australia, etc. it pays $7+. So use Fileice for making amazing money bu just uploading files.


2. Sharecash

ShareCash uses the term influencer network to describe the website. They claim to be the best site in this category. However, there are no influencer networks on the internet. It is a made-up term that is used for plenty of online scams.

ShareCash is a copy of other older scams with similar homepages, referral programs, tasks, and strategy. They will not pay the members for their work, and they make it extremely difficult to reach the cashout limits. Even if you reach the limits, you will not receive any money.

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3. DollarUpload

DollarUpload is a PPI and PPD network meaning every time someone downloads your files and installs your software, you get paid. DollarUpload pays anywhere from $0.20 – $20.00+ USD per download which is depending on where they live. In order for the user to download your file they will have to fill out a short survey with their personal information. You can monetize both mobile and desktop traffic. They also have a huge variety of other monetization tools and ways to expand your profits as well as some unique rewards.

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4. Userscloud is a free Cloud Service. They provide Unlimited online storage/remote and backup capacity, sophisticated uploading, and downloading tools. With you can host files, images, videos and audio in the same place. If you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, then can offer solutions for you. If you want to access your personal data from a variety of computers and don’t wanna carry around a USB stick, is the best way of doing so.

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5. Dailyuploads


Daily Uploads is a free file storage service that pays you when your files are downloaded or when a user purchases a premium account. It’s a Pay Per Download (PPD) website, but the viewers don’t have to complete a survey in order to download your files. It means you won’t earn as much per download as you would with a typical PPD site, but you will still receive a lot more downloads. You may earn upwards of $16.00 USD per 1000 downloads.

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6. CPAGrip

CpaGrip is a CPA network that provides some of the best CPA and PPD (Pay per Download) offers in the current market. In simple terms, it gives you numerous offers that you can promote/advertise to make money.

There are tons of people who have already earned hundreds of thousands of dollars through this network and assert that it’s excellent, and it pays without delays.

The site has a very user-friendly dashboard, so anyone can easily and quickly navigate through its different sections. It has a very fast approval and offers several monetization tools, high-paying offers, good referral program, and great fast support. Indeed, there’s so much about this program

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7. File4Net

File4 is a PPD Pay Per Download) with payment from at least 2$ to 8$ for 1000 downloads, they pay at least 2$ for 1000 downloads, best features, no investigation needed for users To download. They are legitimate, it provides:

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8. HulkLoad

Hulkload is a web hosting that allows you to earn money every time from your downloaded files.You could earn up to $ 4/1000 download. HulkLoad count total downloads from all countries with the highest rates.

It is ideal for small files You can upload a lot of files without deleting it.
According to its policies, HulkLoad counts all downloads from the file size 1 Byte only.

You can earn lot more on every sale of a premium account that allows important uploads and downloads.

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9. Up-4ever

Up-4ever is one of the brand best PPD (Pay Per Download) site with paying from at least 3 $ to 8.5 $ per 1000 downloads, they will pay at least 3 $ per 1000 downloads, best functions, and no survey needed for users to download. They are legit with there features

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For the uninitiated, it is a file hosting site, a portal that allows users to upload files to their servers and other users to download these files, always for free.

To put it simply, I will give you a concrete example:

user A uploads a file to Nitroflare ‘s servers (a file of any type)
user A shares the link to this file in the methods he prefers (forums, sites, emails ..)
an indefinite amount of users who have obtained this link can download the file in question from Nitroflare, for free and without registration.

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UPLOADOCEAN has one of the most exciting and biggest rewards programs on the Internet world . Pay affiliates by various payment methods, earning huge cash up to $ 21 for 1000 downloads

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