Top 20 Best freelance websites in India 2020

Today I will tell you Top 20 Best freelance websites in India 2020, from where you can get hired   Hi Guys, My Name is Abhishek Shroff so let’s start.
Freelancing is done by almost everyone And it is not necessary that people do it for technical skills, coding, photoshop, after effects People use freelance for simple skills like data entry, voiceover, social media post design, research work and translation I will tell you the Top 20 freelance websites in India.

I have got an absolutely unique idea of ​​earning part-time sitting at home and you will be surprised to know that this idea has been given to me by an audience like you, his name is Ritesh Kumar, he has written me in the comment, Sir, I am not much read. I have a friend who is not very well educated, but still, he earns a lot by doing content writing or article writing and can sit in his house,

sir, I have heard that to write content writing or article writing is very tough work It is necessary to be more educated and his mind should be more creative even though my friend is not very well educated and neither do I think he is of much creative mind, how could he have done all this and earned so well. And sitting inside comfortably, so, through this example, I want to make you understand that if you have any type of skill it could be anything like coding, photoshop, after effects, data entry, voiceover, social media post design, research work, and translation, etc. then you can earn a good bit of money from these Top 20 Best freelance websites in India.

Before you start first you have to know that,

What is freelancing? and who is a freelancer?

freelance is a job that a person does for themselves and instead of being employed by a company or organization and a freelancer is essentially self-employed so now the Christian scam who will give the word our camps from all over the employment sector worldwide.

There’s an important question everyone asking how much will be the daily earning level TV as a freelancer, the websites which I’m going to introduce for you can gain from five to ten dollars in a day.

freelancers, as you know the most popular way of earning money online with many different options which requiring different skills but it’s interesting there are some people even they are qualified but could not get success and now I’ve seen the reasons and why people thought of as entertaining for sure it’s not internet training its job and you have to be disciplined for it.

Second, choosing a wrong option considering of your skill there are several websites which offer a freelance job or task for people and it contains different skills all you need just to create an account browse through the listing and apply for a suitable job with details of your skillset according to it declines diary contacting you know the websites are out favor calm upward calm freelancer calm and the last one work in higher calm so what will be the payment method for these websites the important point please remember you will only be paid once you complete your task and it has been approved by your client this may even me revising there were several times under the requirement of your clients.

So, without wasting time lets start with number one


freelancing website in india is one of the most popular websites for freelancing Here the benefit is the fees that they take is only 10%, so that’s good But you will get to see more competition So its a very high competition website, and you will be able to see all types of jobs and clients The Upwork and freelancer have the same database, so you can try this. I have listed the website link below go and signup now.



 freelance websites in India Upwork is a famous website and I personally use it to hire and outsource my work You will get every type of clients The problem in this website is they charge a fee for 5%-20% 20% is a high fee but in the starting, you can get good clients from here So you can use Upwork and I personally recommend this website, you can start from here



 freelance websites in India is a famous website, its concept is that Fiverr means all tasks start from $5 It is not necessary that all such tasks end in that same rate I will recommend this when your services are specified Specified means your task is specified For Example: Transferring a WordPress website within 2 days, so this is a specified task WordPress website has to be transferred from one server to another I have to make a logo, this is a specified task I have to do a voiceover, this is a specified task So if you have tasks like that, you can use for logo, For example, I told that I will create 100 social media posts for $10, so for that, I can use Fiverr Now




so the next one is available in many different countries this one is called skyward and this is a content marketing company you can actually freelance for them and create content for other people so if you come up here what says freelance for us and go ahead and click on that skyward connects exceptional writers graphic designers videographers photographers and other creatives with top-tier brands looking to truly connect with their audience through great storytelling



 freelance websites in India

The second website is Toptal is for This is a good website but the problem is that they hire only the top 3% of freelancers are hired Out of 100 only top 3 are selected The screening process is very difficult So if you really have skills and you are confident about it, then you can apply here You will have a screening process, and an interview, then only you will get hired The advantage here is that you will have a good pay You will get offers from Airbnb Companies You will get a chance to work with good companies You won’t have to bid for your projects like you do in Upwork or in freelancing So this is a good option



 freelance websites in India is somewhat like Upwork and freelancer But in 2 years this website is getting up, due to an increase in clients, and the main reason for that is their pricing is less compared to Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer So is also a good option Here you have to pay fees of 9% which means they will take away 9% of your income This thing was 10% in the case of a freelancer and in Upwork, it was from 5-20% Now



 freelance websites in India The concept of is that it is a mix of Fiverr and Upwork Fiverr has gig create. Gig create means, you say you are doing it for people, then client, automatically searches for you and contact you You don’t have to bid for it So people tell their rates for coding Like they will take 20$ for 1-hour coding, so you can hire me accordingly So here are the types of projects and the mix of Upwork is that you can yourself bid on a project So you can do 2 things: You can define your rate, clients will contact you Second is: You yourself can go and bid on projects So its a very good option and you can try this Now



freelance website in india

Dribbble is a platform of social networking and self-promotion for designers and creators, serves as a design portfolio platform, jobs, and recruiting site.

It is the largest platform for freelancing jobs. This company is fully promoted with no headquarters. Here you can spread your designing skills and creating skills creating graphics of games, websites, and many more things.

here you can easily contact your clients and there with them for your next works. nowadays designing skills are becoming more valuable and more profitable for every creator. you can easily increase your for our working charges on the basis of your works and its ratings which comes from your clients.




LinkedIn This is a freelancer website where you can earn 15 to $ 20 every day on your skills or even more, some of the main functions of this website like designing, writing, accounting, marketing, it service, financial, service business consulting, software development, etc. This site is also similar to Freelancer Fiber Upwork, a free dancing website where you can contact your clients and earn from 4 to $ 60 per hour





Designhill, this one also perfect for designers if you can design t-shirts, book covers, and things like that and you can just go ahead and browse through some of the stuff that they have on here they also do have some design resources and tools to use and this one also will hold design contests just like they do have a couple of testimonials they have a customer experienced testimonial and they have a designer experience testimony


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So, if you create logos, product packaging, product label, illustrations, book covers, apps, and t-shirts then you can also use this website. You can find design jobs over here or you can also participate in contests.

They do allow businesses to hold on tests and you get to participate in them if you want to and submit your ideas you would have to have a winning idea if you can create any type of logo or any book covers for e-books or anything like that you can use this website as a freelancer.

If you scroll all the way to the bottom come down here to become a designer you can get more information and what they say is that you design will handle the rest do what you love and get paid for it on 99designs find awesome clients and become a part of our global community of talented designers all in a safe secure workplace and then this is where you want to go ahead and apply this on




This website also for freelance designers, web designers, logo designers, branding WordPress, breath fix, video and animation, and online marketing .this is also another designer website and developers website that you can go ahead and check out if you do any of these things this one is Envato




I have another design website for you over here you can create business cards logo design, web design, wire design, so you can be hired for any of these things on here they actually have a whole lot of categories if you want to go ahead and check this out they even have YouTube design so if you make youtube video thumbnails or YouTube banners you can also check this one out and if you check on the top section they have a designer section here and have photographers on here so if you do photography or Photoshop design anything like that you can go ahead and check that out the amazing website



freelance website in India


So the next is going to be for writers this one is this is a freelance writer website you can write blog posts ebooks any type of custom content that includes an article, articles rewrites, blog post, product descriptions, and more so if you are interested in writing content for other people you can come over here are you a writer that wants to earn money writing for I writer you can build your own client base you earn up to eighty dollars per 500 words once prompted up the ranks.



freelance website in India

The next one is clear, this is also a freelance web site this one also does focus a lot on writing so you can post your writing jobs on here and there’s a variety of different things.

you can offer on here as we go ahead and take a look up here where it says Talent Network up top you can see that there are different types of roles like content strategists writers editors designer videographers and there’s more you can view all of them if you’d like to and see if this one is good for you these are the type of contents you would be creating alright so social media post case, studies webpages, ebooks, and guides, blog posts and articles so this one is also very good for writers

clear voice freelancers are paid via PayPal upon assignment approval work with confidence and you’ll get paid on time alright so this one my friend is



freelance website in indiaSo the next one is LATIUM.COM, Latium is a cryptocurrency so when you’re hired here for a certain job you get paid in coins so you can work with this company wherever it is that you are in the world you can freelance for this company coins can be converted into whatever currency it is that you have in your country okay so to give you some examples you can go to browse projects so that you can see what kind of projects are on here they have all types of different projects that are posted here



FREELANCE WEBSITE IN INDIA is a website that doesn’t cut off commission For example: If you earn $100, you will get $100 But they have monthly membership fees Which starts at $7, so you have to pay it monthly Then you can take unlimited projects and bid through it They won’t cut any commission from the earnings you have So if you have a problem in the commission cuts, then you can register on this website and take projects from here But the main disadvantage is that they don’t have an escrow account There are many websites which have escrow accounts, and there must be the escrow accounts in freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer Escrow account means, when clients give a payment it is held and when you do work, then that payment is released and given back to you So there’s a guarantee where you will get your payment There is no such thing in iFreelance, they have removed the middlemen So here your guarantee is removed and you have to trust the person So this was about i Freelance Now



FREELANCE WEBSITE IN This is specifically for the Indian audience, Indian freelancers and clients So if you are not comfortable in English Because the projects you take internationally, you will have to converse in English So if you are not comfortable, you can visit this website and connect with the Indian clients to converse in Hindi So this is a good option You can get Indian clients in Upwork, but you will have to search for it So now is the turn for Protip From all the websites I have told it also has apps, So what you have to do is to download such apps and whenever a client would message you, you will get an instant message So the instant reply is a very important factor Now


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FREELANCE WEBSITE IN INDIAcoding So this website is somewhat like Toptal But the screening process is not difficult as it is in Toptal So you can view this website So you will have to go through a screening process, If you are confident about your skills, then you can use this website. If you have an advanced level of coding knowledge than you can earn a pretty good income and if you work longer with this company then definitely you can generate a good piece of income resource from here. If you become pro on this website you can your per hour working charges for your clients.


About the post-Top 20 best freelance website in India

In this article, we have told 20 best freelance websites in India. Through which you can make a very good side income through your skill or by using it, or if you are asked to become a freelancer, you can also suck up your career. Freelancing can also be used as a career. You can also make a career in it and go ahead in it and earn a lot of money. Clients on all these websites can give you about 15 to 20 US dollars per day where you can earn up to 3 or $ 5 per hour. Also, you can increase your work money according to your work rating.

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